Among Cozumel’s most important festivities is its annual Carnival in February, a tradition that began last century. Nearly all the residents participate in the event, which adds to the festive atmosphere in the streets and public squares. The Fiesta de la Catedral, also called the Fiesta de la Santa Cruz, is another important festivity that takes place during the first week of March in the town of El Cedral. During the event, there is an agricultural fair that brings together many people from the Yucatan Peninsula region, and you can also see popular regional dances such as La Cabeza del Cochino and Las Cintas. Other important celebrations held in Cozumel are the Fiesta de San Pedro y San Pablo, which takes place in June and offers various dance performances, and the Fiesta de San Miguel, which pays homage to the town’s patron saint during the month of September.

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